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Ungdoms LAN Febuari 2020

Next upcoming is LAN is 18-+

Nov 2019

RSG LAN society proudly presents Entropia Universe LAN Party 2019.

Free entry!

When is it?

November 21st - 24th, it's OK to join on the 22nd or 23rd.


Norra Uppsalavägen 15, Hallstavik.

About 1.5h drive North of Stockholm. Easily accessible by train or bus.

One bus from Stockholm Tekniska Högskolan to the very heart of Hallstavik R0slagens. Detailed information about this will be added soon.

How do I register? 

There are several ways to register:

  •  E-mail to
  •  PM us in Entropia, Link Link propthet - Fire FireFly Fly - Saphira Amethyst Star
    Only information we require is your full avatar name, arrival date and e-mail.

General information:

  • There will be at least 1 or more competitions during these 4 days. More information on this will come later.
  • You have to bring your own computer/laptop. Computers can be borrowed if you travel far like Narnia, please ask well in advance.
  • The premises offers fiber internet 100/100 mbit/s.
  • There is bar coolers and an ice machine.
  • 20 toilets. No shower but we're currently trying to solve this issue.
  • 2 meter to the grocery store ICA and 20 meter to COOP.
  • Alcohol permitted. Drink with responsibility.
  • One big sleeping hall. Several small rooms kan be used if they not are booked.

Head admin of RSG:

Link Karlsson ( Link Link Propthet ) and Amanda Söderlund Thelberg ( Firefly´s Wife ).

Event sponsors:

MindArk, Folkets Hus Hallstavik, Roslagens Scenteknik,

If you'd like to become a sponsor for the event, please e-mail Cristine (Saphira) at

Please, be aware that the event is still under development and new/more information will be added in the nearby future.

Registered participants (nickname):

Lin Link propthet

Fire FireFly Fly

Saphira Amethyst Star

Jimmy Xpl0jd Volten

Mike Freyr Perry

The Infamous Serenity (Euphoria)

WezteN Lakritsrem Godispåse

anna skattefira dunken sexig

Oj Great Snygging

Dierez Dierez Dierez

Jeppe lillfya falk

Funky eax rockstaR

mg Joda VVV VVV

Filip f3f18 Andersson

Miss Elaina tsilltsill

Masta Fu Kung

Roger River

FSP Gamers

Alexander Darnell

Lucas Landin

Dogge Persson

Sebastian Klaar

Tobias Enlund

Dennis Jansson